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"Train smarter, not longer."

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Training Tips

Static Contraction Training

In a hurry, but would like to add muscle mass? Grab a very heavy weight and move it into your strongest range of motion. Now, hold it there for 5 to 15 seconds. Set it down and move on to the next exercise. In the picture, I am doing weighted dips. You can train this way with most any exercise. It really work's. In a recent study, all, that's 100% of the test subjects gained muscle mass from this workout. Just pick one exercise per bodypart, move the weight to your strongest range of motion where the muscles are contracted. Do not go to lock-out.  Hold the weight and count slowly to 5, 10, or15, and then set the weight down. Take a week off before training again.  Pete Sisco has been pushing static contractions for years and it appear's he has been right on the money. Give it a try! Questions? E-mail me at dan4fitness@aol.com

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"Train smarter, not longer."

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